C++ on Sea includes one day dedicated to instructor-led workshops or classes. This page lays out the expectations and compensation for instructors.

What's a Workshop?

It's a bit of an overloaded term, so it's worth clarifying. Here we're using it in the most general way. Think of it as a whole day session led by a single instructor (although joint applications will be considered). That could be primarily lecture-based (like a series of conference talks) but would generally be much more interactive. At the very least the audience will be expected to follow along with demos on their own laptops - usually with downloadable code samples, environments, or other course materials.

Often the attendees will be given exercises they should attempt to complete on their own (with help on offer) before a solution is presented and discussed - but this is up to the instructor and their material.

If you would like to run something very different to this we are open to different ideas. Drop us a line if you're not sure.

Compensation and Expenses

Tickets will sell for £375 (+VAT=£450). This year we're offering instructors a flat 60% of (pre-VAT) sales - ie £225 per (paying) person). Note that early bird rates do not apply to workshop day pricing.

As for normal conference speakers your travel and accommodation expenses can be covered - according to our expenses policy.


Sessions will begin at 10am and run to 6pm, with a 45 minute break for lunch and three 15 minute breaks (one in the morning, two in the afternoon). Please note that, this year, workshops will take place before the main conference - on a Sunday.


After paying attendees have been allocated we will allow volunteers who have been helping with the conference to also participate in the classes at no extra cost to them (or remuneration to you). We do not expect many volunteers per class (last year was one or two per room), but in any case they will not reduce the number of paying attendees. If you would prefer not to allow volunteers to attend, please let us know. We aim to offer at least one volunteer per room to help assist the instructor where appropriate.