Daniela Engert onstage, 2023

The 2024 Call for Speakers runs until 13th March 2024

So you'd like to present at C++ on Sea? Great! We look forward to and welcome submissions from everyone, including those who might otherwise feel excluded.

This year the conference will run in person from 3rd - 5th July 2024, with a pre-conference workshops days on the 1st and 2nd. We are now fully in-person-only for C++ on Sea - but run a related event, C++ Online for those that prefer the online experience.

The main conference will feature mostly 60 minute presentations, with a few 90 minute slots available, too. We also have the facility to include half-day (150 minute) workshops in the main programme and will be running two evenings of lightning talks, which we'll collect proposals for closer to the event.

The workshop days are ticketed separately, so full day workshop instructors will get a generous share of the revenue. Half-day workshops are part of the main programme (think of them as 60+90 minute slots, back-to-back) and are a great way for new instructors to test the waters, or if you just want to go deep on a topic.

What should I present on?

The main subject should be C++ related - although we may consider a small number of other topics that may be of interest to typical C++ developers. Note that talks on C++ successor languages, such as Carbon, are considered "C++ related".

But beyond that we're looking for a diverse range of material - including content aimed more at beginners to C++. This year we would like to host a "C++ Fundamentals" track - similar to CppCon's "Back to Basics" - so please consider if you can cover one of the following topics in a manner that would be accessible to more junior developers - or those looking for a refresher on a topic:

  • Templates
  • Classes
  • Concurrency
  • Move Semantics
  • Overload Resolution
  • Special Member Functions/ Lifetimes
  • constexpr and consteval
  • Pointers and Smart Pointers
  • Lambdas
  • STL
  • Testing

Of course intermediate and advanced topics are also welcomed.

Timur Doumler onstage, 2023

Who should present?

We want to put on the best conference possible. We believe that this means hearing from voices from different backgrounds and experience levels. As part of this commitment, the main round of submission reviews is anonymised (so please try to avoid including personally identifiable words or phrases in your title, abstract and outline).

We'd also like to make especially clear that people from all backgrounds - minorities or otherwise - are not only welcome, but we will do whatever we can to actively support you. If you have any questions or concerns about this, always feel free to contact us.

How long do I have?

The Call For Speakers will remain open until midnight (GMT) on 13th March 2024. But don't wait until then! After that time a panel of reviewers will short-list the content (both talks and workshops) that will make up the programme. That will be followed by a final round that adjusts for fit and balance (we can only have so many coroutines talks!)

We aim to notify speakers by early April.


All (60+ minute) speakers will be eligible for travel and accommodation support. Full details are available here, but in general most people will be fully covered. Conference entry will also be included, of course. (Note that, because full-day workshops are ticketed separately, and profit is shared with the instructors, these are not included in the free entry package).

Full-day workshop presenters will also receive a generous percentage of ticket sales as detailed here.

Submit your ideas here

Please use our Speaker Portal to submit and manage your proposals: