C++ on Sea is an international C++ conference (usually) taking place by the sea, in the UK. Our current venue is in Folkestone, near the entrance to the channel tunnel. However, due to the Coronavirus epidemic, this year the conference will take place online.

New workshop dates

23rd May 2020 at 17:19

Clare Macrae Llewellyn Falco Klaus Iglberger Nicolai Josuttis Rainer Grimm

In the last post I mentioned that workshops would "run the following week" from the new conference dates. I also said that they would "also run on different days".

We can now share the specific dates for the workshops.

13th July (mon) Klaus Iglberger Modern C++ Design Patterns
20th July (mon) Nicolai Josuttis Move Semantics - The Complete Guide
21st July (tue) Rainer Grimm Concurrency with modern C++
22nd July (wed) Clare Macrae & Llewellyn Falco Testing Legacy Code effectively with Approval Tests

Note that Klaus' workshop will be on the Monday before the main conference.

Registrations are open. Places will still be limited, even online, to make sure attendees get the best experience - so book soon if you can.

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We welcome and encourage people from all parts of the community - very much including those that identify as minorities (which, relative to our community includes women), and commit to supporting you in any way we can. C++ on Sea abides by the Berlin Code of Conduct.

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C++ on Sea is usually hosted in Folkestone in Kent, UK. In light of the current situation around the world, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the conference will now take place online.

We hope that by next year we will be able to resume physical, in person, events again.

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