C++ on Sea is an international C++ conference taking place by the sea, in the UK. Our current venue is in Folkestone, near the entrance to the channel tunnel.

For 2020 our keynote speakers will be Hana Dusíková, Walter Brown and Sean Parent.

Announcing speakers for 2020

18th February 2020 at 09:43

We're thrilled to announce the complete speaker line-up for C++ on Sea 2020!

Once again the task of whittling down a stellar set of proposals to a well rounded programme seemed impossible. An all new reviews system helped, but it was still hard to send out notifications to those that didn't make it - knowing that we could have put on a first rate conference with just those!

But here is the complete list, in alphabetical order. We'll be building a schedule in due course:

Adi ShavitCoroutine X-Rays and Other Magical Superpowers
A.J. OriansImproving Readability With Class Template Argument Deduction
Alexander MaslennikovAlgorithmic and microarchitecture optimizations of C++ applications
Anastasiia KazakovaC++ ecosystem: the renaissance edition
Anders Schau KnattenJust Enough Assembly for Compiler Explorer
Andrzej WarzyńskiHow compilers work: introduction to LLVM passes
Ansel Sermersheim and Barbara GellerRefactoring Undefined Behavior using Any, Variant, and Optional from C++17
Arnaud DesitterReducing Memory Allocations in a Large C++ Application
Arne MertzPhantastic Code Smells and Where to Find Them
Arno SchoedlFrom Iterators To Ranges — The Upcoming Evolution Of the Standard Library
Björn FahllerWhat Do You Mean by "Cache Friendly"?
Boguslaw CyganekHow accurate we are? A refresher on the floating-point computations and the standard library.
Clare MacraeQuickly Testing Legacy C++ Code with Approval Tests
Danila KuteninC++ STL best and worst performance features and how to learn from them
Dawid ZalewskiStructured bindings uncovered
Fergus CooperC++20: All the small things
Fred TingaudClang-based Refactoring, or How to Refactor Millions of Line of Code Without Alienating your Colleagues
Hendrik NiemeyerAn Introduction to C++20’s Concepts
James PascoeCombining Modern C++ and Lua
JeanHeyd "ThePhD" Meneide🏎️ Burning Silicon: Speed for Transcoding in C++23
Jonathan MüllerUsing C++20's Three-way Comparison <=>
Jon KalbBest Practices for Object-Oriented Programming
Juan Pedro Bolivar PuenteSquaring the circle: value-oriented design in an object-oriented system
Kate GregoryNaming is Hard: Let's Do Better
Kevlin HenneyLambda? You Keep Using that Letter
Luna KirkbyMind the Bear Traps!
Mateusz PuszRethinking the Way We Do Templates in C++ even more
Matt GodboltCorrect by Construction: APIs That Are Easy to Use and Hard to Misuse
Neil HorlockNo more secrets? Why your secrets aren't safe and what you can do about it.
Patrick MintramDebugging Concepts 101
Pavel NovikovSerialization in C++ has never been easier! But wait, there's more...
Rainer GrimmConcepts in C++20: A Evolution or a Revolution?
Sandor DargoUndefined behaviour in the STL
Shachar LangbeheimData-Oriented Design for Object-Oriented Programmers
Sy BrandLive Compiler Development with Cross-Platform Tooling
Timur DoumlerReal-time STL
Tina Ulbrich and Niel WaldrenPythonic C++
Tony Van EerdAn Introduction to Lock-free Programming
Victor CiuraAvoid Success at All Costs
Viet LePackaging and distributing C++ for fun and profit
Vittorio RomeoC++11/14 at scale - what have we learned?
Yuri MinaevParanoid's take on C++ code review

Additionally we have Tristan Brindle and Oliver Ddin back to give an introductory/ refresher course in C++ fundamentals. This will run as it's own track in parallel for one of the conference days (full details will be announced along with the schedule).

Along with our keynotes from Hana Dusíková, Walter Brown and Sean Parent, and at least one evening of lightning talks, we'll have a programme packed to the brim with C++ goodness.

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We welcome and encourage people from all parts of the community - very much including those that identify as minorities (which, relative to our community includes women), and commit to supporting you in any way we can. C++ on Sea abides by the Berlin Code of Conduct.

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C++ on Sea is hosted in Folkestone in Kent, UK. This historic seaside town is also home to the channel tunnel and, as such, has excellent links to the rest of europe. It's also very accessible from London with the UK's (currently) only high speed link, the HS1. For more comprehensive travel information, see the page, Getting to C++ on Sea

The conference will be held in Leas Cliff Hall. This working theater also has a dedicated conference suite. Built into the cliffs, and with floor-to-ceiling glass overlooking the sea on three sides, the views are spectacular!

The venue is about a 15 minute walk from Folkestone Central station, or ten minutes walk to the bustling town centre. As well as the modern town the old quarter, home to art galleries, curio shops and bohemian cafes and restaurants, extends down to the picturesque harbour.

Although the venue is split across three floors, connected via staircases, it is also fully accessible via elevator.

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