We're pleased to offer a scheme for volunteers to gain free entry to the conference. This page describes what is expected, what you will receive and how to apply.

What do I get for volunteering?

Everyone accepted into the volunteer programme will receive free entry to the three main days of the conference - exactly as if you had purchased a full price ticket, with the exception that there will be some tasks required of you. The exact workload will vary, but the intention is that you will have around half the time to focus on the programme as an attendee (and you'll be exposed to most of the rest of it, too).

Volunteers will also receive up to three nights accommodation in a nearby hotel. Travel will be left to you.

You'll also get a warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing that you have helped to make the conference a success for everyone!

Volunteers in 2019

What will be expected of me?

1. Looking after a track

You will be assigned to a room for 2-3 half days. Some may be assigned a bit longer. You should familiarise yourself with the speakers who will be presenting in that room during your assigned time. Ideally meet them in advance and make sure they know what is expected of them and how it will run (training will be given). Either way encourage them to test their equipment ahead of time if possible. You should also be their point of contact for any other questions or requests (feeding back to the org team if necessary).

2. Registration desk

You will spend half a day or so on the registration desk, checking in attendees as they arrive for the first time, giving them their badges and bags. The registration desk will also act as the information desk in case of any queries from attendees, so you will also play this role (communicating with the org team if necessary).

3. Miscellanea

You may also be asked to perform other small tasks as needed.

We will need help the evening before the first day, as well as the evening of the last day, for set-up and tear-down duties. We only ask that you commit to one or the other - but you are welcome to help with both.

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply to be a volunteer, but we only have a limited number of places available. If more applications are received than required we will select half the number via internal criteria based on your application and the other half by a random process.

How do I apply?

Please complete this form ASAP and we'll get back to you.

Please note that if you are a student you may also apply for the student programme. You may apply for both programmes.