Updated talks and announcing Herb Sutter as keynote speaker

6th June 2020 at 14:44

Sadly, amidst the uncertainty, revised format and new dates, we have lost a few speakers from the programme. Fortunately we still have a very strong programme, so we'd like to share the updates with you.

For our keynotes line-up, we are grateful to have retained Walter E. Brown. And we are excited to announce that Herb Sutter will now be joining us, too!

For workshops, see the previous post (which has now been updated with links).

And here are the main sessions - note, they are now linked to individual session pages you can follow for more information.

A.J. Orians Improving Readability With Class Template Argument Deduction
Alexander Maslennikov Algorithmic and microarchitecture optimizations of C++ applications
Anastasia Kazakova C++ ecosystem: the renaissance edition
Arnaud Desitter Reducing Memory Allocations in a Large C++ Application
Arno Schoedl From Iterators To Ranges — The Upcoming Evolution Of the Standard Library
Boguslaw Cyganek How accurate we are? A refresher on the floating-point computations and the standard library.
Clare Macrae Quickly and Effectively Testing Legacy C++ Code with Approval Tests
Danila Kutenin C++ STL best and worst performance features and how to learn from them
Dawid Zalewski Structured bindings uncovered
Fergus Cooper C++20: All the small things
Fred Tingaud Clang-based Refactoring, or How to Refactor Millions of Line of Code Without Alienating your Colleagues
Guy Davidson Specialising Linear Algebra for Geometry
Hendrik Niemeyer An Introduction to C++20’s Concepts
James Pascoe Combining Modern C++ and Lua
JeanHeyd "ThePhD" Meneide 🤿 Deep C Diving - Fast and Scalable Text Interfaces at the Bottom 🤿
Jon Kalb Object-Oriented Program: Best Practices
Juan Pedro Bolivar Puente Squaring the circle: value-oriented design in an object-oriented system
Kate Gregory Naming is Hard: Let's Do Better
Kevlin Henney Lambda? You Keep Using that Letter
Mateusz Pusz Rethinking the Way We Do Templates in C++ even more
Matt Godbolt Correct by Construction: APIs That Are Easy to Use and Hard to Misuse
Pavel Novikov Serialization in C++ has never been easier! But wait, there's more...
Sandor Dargo Undefined behaviour in the STL
Shachar Langbeheim Data-Oriented Design for Object-Oriented Programmers
Sy Brand Live Compiler Development with Cross-Platform Tooling
Yuri Minaev Hypercritical C++ Code Review

The schedule is now being put together and will be announced soon. There may still be some last, minor, changes as things settle.

So we look forward to seeing you, online, in just over a month's time!