Live Compiler Development with Cross-Platform Tooling

Sy Brand

60 minute presentation

Can a cross-platform compiler be written from scratch, live on stage, in an hour? It can with the right tools!

In this session I will talk about many challenges in cross-platform C++ development and how tools can help: what options do I have if my production environment is different than my dev box? How can I efficiently build and debug CMake projects? How can I easily find and acquire open sourced libraries? Come to see what Visual Studio 2019, CMake, WSL2, vcpkg and more have to offer to make cross-platform C++ development easier.

Even if you're not using these tools, there's still a lot to make you think about how your tools can help you in your development, so come along!


Sy Brand

Sy is Microsoft’s C++ Developer Advocate. Their background is in compilers and debuggers for embedded accelerators, but they’re also interested in generic library design, metaprogramming, functional-style C++, undefined behaviour, and making our communities more welcoming and inclusive.