Free Ticket Winner

25th August 2018 at 16:10

Thanks to everyone who entered our free ticket draw by tweeting about the conference and the competition. It helps us spread the word, and also gives an opportunity to someone that may not otherwise be able to attend to get a ticket.

We had 60 entries, with some really great thoughts about what they would hope for in the conference. In the end we had to pick one winner. We wanted to make sure it was fair and completely random. So here is my highly scientific process:

First I went to Twitter to view all the liked tweets from the conference account. I then copied them into a text file. I did a regex search over that for ^@.* to filter out all the twitter names and put them into their own file. I then used Sublime Text's "Permute Lines | Shuffle" feature to randomise the ordering. Sublime shows the line numbers so I needed a number between 1 and 60. So I went to another room and asked my 11 year-old daughter to pick a random number between 1 and 60 and she chose 47.

So who's Twitter name was at position 47 in my list? Would you believe it?

Kate's winning tweet

So Kate Gregory, one of our keynote speakers, by a fair draw (as fair as the above process can be), won our free ticket competition! Of course Kate doesn't need a free ticket for herself, but as her tweet suggests, she can pass it on to whoever she choses, and I trust Kate to do so judiciously - so I think this worked out well! I'll be in touch with Kate to organise the details.

Congratulations Kate - and thanks again to everyone that took part. Hope to still see at least some of you at conference in February.