Win a free ticket for C++ on Sea!

Update: Now closed

For a brand new conference the interest in C++ on Sea already has been phenomenal! As we posted recently we had over 100 submissions to our Call for Speakers - way ahead of expectations - and they include some really great names. We also have enough newer speakers in the pool that I'm sure we'll be able to put together a balanced and well rounded programme when we complete the initial reviews in early September.

In the meantime, Early Bird tickets are available and are already starting to sell - which is really exciting for us (and a little bit nerve wracking - especially after a technical hitch early on).

Amongst those that have heard of us the interest is definitely there, for which we are very grateful.

But we want to reach even more people - and that's where you come in. We'd like you to tweet about the conference. You can say anything you like (in keeping with our Code of Conduct) - as long as you include the following:

Example tweet

We'll collect the tweets up until midnight (London time) on Friday 24th August, then randomly select one to award a free ticket to. (If you win and you've already purchased a ticket we'll either refund you or you can transfer it to someone else, if you like).