First keynote speaker and Super Early Bird tickets

27th August 2019 at 12:54

Hana Dusíková

We're delighted to announce that our first keynote speaker will be Hana Dusíková. Hana has left a real mark on the community in just the last year or so, and her meteoric rise is well deserved. Her talk at the first C++ on Sea was a great success - even though she couldn't make it in person due to flight cancellations! So we're particularly thrilled to have her back - for the first time!

Tickets now on sale

We'll be announcing our second keynote speaker very shortly. In the meantime we're now opening Super-Early-Bird tickets. These are very limited (just ten tickets available at this price). Once they're gone Early Bird tickets will be available. These are also limited (50). These cheaper prices are primarily intended for those that pay their own way - so if your company pays for your ticket (and would do so anyway) please consider waiting for the Early Bird period to end to give those will benefit more a chance.

We're also adding a new option, the "Complete Conference Package". This is the equivalent of buying a standard ticket, workshop and meet-the-speakers dinner together - but you'll also get an exclusive t-shirt.