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Hana Dusíková

Hana is working as a senior researcher in Avast Software. Her responsibility is exploring new ideas and optimizing existing ones. She also propagates modern C++ techniques and libraries in internal techtalks and gives talks at local C++ meetups.

She studied computer science at Mendel university and subsequently taught several courses there, including: Data Structures, Computability and Complexity, and Formal Languages and Automata.

Photo of Matt Godbolt

Matt Godbolt

Matt is a C++ programmer and occasional verb. He loves writing efficient code and sharing his passion about how computers work under the hood. An engineer at Coinbase, he has previously worked at a trading firm, on mobile apps at Google, run a C++ tools company and spent more than a decade making console games. When not tinkering on Compiler Explorer, Matt enjoys working on emulators for old 8-bit computer hardware.

Compile Time Regular Expressions

Tuesday 11:00
60 minute presentation

note: due to travel issues Hana has been unable to attend in person. She has bravely agreed to deliver the talk remotely, and will be assisted locally by Matt Godbolt, who will run the slides on his machine.

I will present a library that utilizes a feature of C++20 to build regular expressions from compile-time strings. This is a novel approach that doesn't have ordinary disadvantages of other regular expression implementations like having to use a linked library or a run-time cost of parsing and interpreting an internal finite machine.

You will see implementation details of the library and problems I have run into during its writing. In the last part of the talk, I will compare other implementations of regular expression engines and show compiled code in Compiler Explorer.