All speakers of at least 60-minute sessions (including workshop instructors) are entitled to having travel and accommodation expenses covered. This page sets out the details of this policy.

Do I need my expenses covered?

Speakers whose employers (or even the speakers themselves) are happy to cover their travel and accommodation expenses are encouraged to do so. We want to open speaking opportunities to everyone, but must also balance this with fact that this is a small event with a limited budget. If you or your employer will cover your expenses, to show our appreciation we will offer you Bronze sponsorship for free.

What and how should expenses be claimed?

For travel expenses you should generally book yourself and claim the cost back after the event. A simple email summarising the costs incurred and copies of any receipts should be sufficient. If this is difficult, financially, please let us know and we can reimburse costs earlier, or book on your behalf.

Please note that we only cover travel for one person per accepted talk. For partners or co-speakers we can cover accommodation on a best-effort basis - please check with us early if this is the case.

For accommodation, we'll book you into the speaker's hotel - please let us know your preferred dates as soon as possible after acceptance (this information will be collected in a post-acceptance form). We generally cover two nights for regular speakers, or three nights for speakers who are also doing a workshop. We may be able to cover an extra night on a case-by-case basis - e.g. if you are travelling on a long-haul flight.


We'll automatically cover up to the following. If this is not sufficient please let us know in advance and we should be able to agree more on a case-by-case basis. Of course, if you can come in under these figures that would be much appreciated.

For travel:

  • Within the UK: Up to £100
  • Within Europe: Up to £350
  • Middle East (inc. Israel) £450
  • Rest of the world: Up to £1000

The above figures include local transfer, where applicable.