This page is for last year's event. An updated prospectus will be here, soon

If you represent a company (or even an individual) interested in sponsoring C++ on Sea, welcome! This page sets out the options available.


C++ on Sea is now in its third year, having weathered the pandemic by moving online last year.

In our first year we had 250 in attendance in total. A small conference, but a strong start. Last year was similar (very slightly down), which given all the uncertainty, was quite reasonable.

This year will be a bit different, again, so it remains to be seen how that translates, but we are hoping for at least as many, again.

We don't collect complete location statistics from attendees, but from a subset of order data (about 30%) we have extrapolated that, in the first year, about half the attendees came from the U.K., with almost all the rest coming from mainland Europe. Last year saw a greater international representation - especially from further afield, particularly the US. One of the advantages of moving online.

We expect this year to be similar - with a large proportion still UK based, but definitely an international audience.


This year we will be using a hybrid platform consisting of Zoom for the sessions, Gather for the virtual venue, including exhibition area, and Discord for cross-event chat, announcements and support - all tied together with a proprietary web interface provided by Digital Medium.

Gather provides a host of exciting features for attendee interaction and entertainment during the break times and pre/post event hours. It also provides a range of excellent features for sponsors and exhibitors to establish brand awareness and interact effectively and dynamically with attendees in a variety of engaging methods. We can provide our higher tier (Gold and Silver) sponsors a truly interactive exhibition booth, equipped with many of the same features and functionality you might expect from a physical exhibition booth. Your space can be furnished with a variety of furniture, interactive objects and other elements for attendees to explore and interact with, plus the ability to live video chat with attendees when they enter your private booth area.

Gather's own website gives you an overview, but to really see what it can do for you, drop us a line to arrange a demo.

Types and Levels

We offer a few types of sponsorship: a traditional tiered set of packages: "Gold", "Silver" and "Bronze".

Then we have a couple of options for Video Sponsorship.

And finally, Community sponsorship, for meetups, blogs, podcasts, etc.


Tiered packages progressively add features, so Gold includes all the features of Silver and Bronze, for example.

Video Sponsorship

We have two forms of video sponsorship available.

  • Embedded intro, up to 8 seconds long, baked into the start of every video.
  • Early Access. Before the videos are made freely available on YouTube, have them to stream from your own site.

Speak to us for more details.

Supportive Sponsorships

If you send three of more employees from the same company, we will mention and thank you in the opening sessions and (if arranged in time) your logo in the "Bronze" section of the website.

Please be sure to contact us to make arrangements if you wish to take advantage of this option.

Community Sponsorship

The community works best when it works together. Swapping logos and links is an effective way to cross-promote events, services and resources within the community. Typical examples are: blogs, meet-ups, podcasts and other conferences. No money changes hands,

Logos will be featured on the website - on the sponsors page and also further down the front page and on the schedule page but randomised on load (not all community sponsors will be on every page view).

Let's talk

To discuss any of these options, or if you have other ideas you'd like to talk over, please contact us.