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If you represent a company (or even an individual) interested in sponsoring C++ on Sea, welcome! This page sets out the options available. For the tl;dr - if you're just looking for the table of tiered benefits - click here.


C++ on Sea is now in its fourth year, having weathered the pandemic in its second and third years. We're very much looking forward to holding an in-person event, again, this year - along with an online component, making it our first hybrid conference!

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In our first year we had 250 in attendance in total. A small conference, but a strong start. The second year was approximately the same, which given all the uncertainty was quite reasonable. For the third year we tried a different format - moving workshops into the main programme.

This offered excellent value to attendees, but the perceived high ticket price (while cheaper than the previous year's workshops, alone) meant it attracted a smaller niche audience (about 110). We're glad we tried the experiment - and have learnt a lot from it - but this year we return to a more traditional format.

Still, there remains much uncertainty. On the one hand there is pent-up demand for an in-person event. We had over 20 people who deferred their tickets from 2020 and expect to use them this year. And being in the summer gives us the best chance of being accessible to the most people.

Nonetheless, covid is still with us, and for some that is still an obstacle. Our observations of other conferences that have resumed in person lead to mixed conclusions. Some, that ran towards the end of last year (one even coinciding with the spread of Omicron!) saw similar numbers to their previous in-person events! Others, even this year, are reporting slower ticket sales than expected.
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All things considered, and judging by early-bird sales at the time I write this, we are expecting a healthy turn-out of perhaps 150-200, in-person. We also expect a further 100-150 online. Predictions are hard - especially about the future - so we do have to put a wide margin for error on that.

Based on our first year we expect a close to 50-50 mix of UK and European attendees. We may see a little less from Europe this year - although our speakers are mostly coming from Europe.

Online platform

We're still finalising the exact details of the online component of our event - but we will know we will use Zoom for sessions, Discord for coordination and socialising, and maybe Gather as a virtual venue.

We'll provide more details on this as they become clearer.

Types and Levels

We offer a few types of sponsorship: a traditional tiered set of packages: "Bronze", "Silver", "Gold" and, the exclusive, "Platinum".

Then we have a couple of options for Video Sponsorship.

This year we introduce the opportunity to sponsor the speaker's dinner.

And, finally, Community sponsorship - for meetups, blogs, podcasts, etc.


Tiered packages progressively add features, so Gold includes all the features of Silver and Bronze, for example.

Video Sponsorship

All talks are recorded and will eventually be made available on YouTube (note that, due to technical incidents, one or two sessions may not make it to YouTube).

The videos from 2019 (our last in-person event) average around 4k views - but some outliers may get many more (e.g. this video, from 2019, has over 190k views at time of writing!). At standard targeted CPM rates, and based on the 2019 view data, we expect a value to advertisers of well over £4,000 for 2022.

We have two forms of video sponsorship available:

Speakers Dinner

Gala dinner at the Leas Cliff Hall
We hold a gala dinner in the venue, with views over the sea. Attendees may purchase tickets for the dinner, but all speakers receive a free ticket.

This sponsorship involved covering approximately half of the cost of the speakers. In return the dinner will be branded the <your name> dinner, and you will be thanked during the evening for helping to cover the cost of all the speakers meals. - £1,500

Coffee Sponsor

Attendees have access to coffee urns during two breaks a day. This coffee is fine - but a good, hand served, barista coffee is hard to beat. Above the part of the venue we use is a public cafe area serving just such barista coffee. This sponsorship would let you provide branded tokens or vouchers in the conference bag that can be redeemed in the coffee shop for up to three coffees (one a day).

This would also be highlighted in the opening address and the sponsor thanks for buying everyone coffee!

- £1,500

Supportive Sponsorships

If you send three of more employees from the same company, we offer to mention and thank you in the opening sessions and (if arranged in time) your logo in the "Bronze" section of the website.

Please be sure to contact us to make arrangements if you wish to take advantage of this option.

Community Sponsorship

The community works best when it works together. Swapping logos and links is an effective way to cross-promote events, services and resources within the community. Typical examples are: blogs, meet-ups, podcasts and other conferences. No money changes hands,

Logos will be featured on the website - on the sponsors page and also further down the front page and on the schedule page but randomised on load (not all community sponsors will be on every page view).

Let's talk

To discuss any of these options, or if you have other ideas you'd like to talk over, please contact us.