We are now discussing sponsorship options with interested parties. Please see our sponsorship prospectus page if you are interested. Note that this includes Community Sponsorship, which is a free form of sponsorship based on link/ logo exchange.

We're very grateful to all our sponsors listed here for supporting C++ on Sea and helping us to put on a great conference!


Optiver Services B.V.

Community Sponsors

Matt Godbolt's Compiler Explorer
CppCon, the week long C++ conference in the US
Pacific++, the only C++ conference in the Asia-Pacific region
SwedenCpp, Stockholm
MUC++, Munich
The monthly C++ meet-up in London
C++ Edinburgh
User Group C++ Francophone, Paris
C++ London Uni
St. Petersburg C++ User Group
The Dutch C++ Group
Oslo C++ Users Group
Core C++ User Group, Tel Aviv
Birmingham C/ C++ Meetup
C++ Dublin Users Group
The ACCU Conference
C++ Programmer Meetup - Barcelona
C++ User Group Hannover
Norfolk Developers
ACCU Oxford
#include <C++> - an inclusive space for talking about C++