Workshops and speakers for 2024

27th April 2024 at 19:21

We're pleased to be able to unveil our selection of speakers and workshops for this year's C++ on Sea.


Nico Josuttis speaking

We have five workshops: three 2-day and two 1-day workshops. The 2-day workshops are from Nico Josuttis, Klaus Iglberger and Walter E. Brown. The 1-day workshops, from Amir Kirsh and Jason Turner, have a common thread of safety-by-design, so while they are completely independent classes, taking both of them back-to-back could be seen as another de-facto 2-day workshop!

Full details of all the workshops can be found on the dedicated workshops page.


We're working on the full schedule and it will be published soon. In the meantime the speaker selection has been made - so we've put together a page listing all the speakers with their sessions. That way you can already get a good idea what to expect.

Find the speaker overview page, here.