Workshop instructors announced

19th September 2018 at 10:28

Exciting news! Our workshop instructors have been selected and have all confirmed that they'll go ahead. We'll post full details in the next week or two, but for now here are the headlines:

  • Nicolai Josuttis will present, "Modern C++ Template Programming"
  • Jason Turner with, "Applied constexpr"
  • Jon Jagger and Kevlin Henney, "A Day of Deliberate Practice"
  • David Gross, "Low-latency C++ workshop"

(Update: Full details have now been published)

We've added separate tickets for each of these workshops, so you can sign up for them now. If you already bought the generic "one day workshop" (which we've now retired), we'll be in touch to get you transferred to one of these more specific tickets types.

The main conference speakers are almost selected. There has been a slight delay but notifications should go out within the next week and an announcement will be made early in October.