Two conferences for the price of one

13th June 2022 at 23:46

In these unusual times the only constant, it seems, is change.

We decided, early on, that while we wanted to get back to in-person events, there were advantages to retaining an online component, too. Both for those that can't, or would rather not, join for covid reasons - as well as those that would not be able to join anyway for financial or distance reasons.

But the significant majority of tickets being sold are for the in-person event. We don't want the online event to suffer as a second class citizen - so we've decided to make a change to the structure and timing.

Online a week later

The online event will now take place the following week - from Wednesday 13th to Friday 15th July. It will also start later in the day - from 13:00 BST - that's 8am EDT/ 6am MDT/ 5am PDT - so should be more feasible for attendees from the Americas to join.

We will also move the remote track to the online event - and offer in-person speakers the change to repeat their session online, online (we don't know how many will do this yet - but several have already agreed to). This means the online event will have more live content. If there are enough participants to support it we may run a live lightning talks session, too.

So, in summary, the online event will now consist of part live, part pre-recorded content and take place a week later.

In-person = in-person + online

But that means that the in-person event loses one track on two of the days (the remote track was Wednesday and Thursday). However, all in-person ticket holders will now also be able to join the online event at no extra charge. Two conferences for the price of one!

While making this change so late may be a little disruptive, we believe we will be able to put on a better event and it be a better experience for everyone overall. Of course, if these adjustments don't work for you we apologise for that and can of course, offer a full refund.

Also impacted will be the time-shift package. While this will continue to apply, it will become available from the first day of the online event. You will still have early access long before videos are made available on YouTube. But, again, if this is not what you signed up for we will refund you.

As a result of this change the schedule may be subject to further change in the near future - but should largely remain as it is.

Thanks for bearing with us

It's been a difficult couple of years for everyone but, as many things get back to normal, it's still very hard to plan events. Thanks for all the support and understanding we've had over this time. We wouldn't have been able to continue without it. With this slight change of course we're back on target for a truly great conference this year. We look forward to seeing you there!