Tickets for Dinner on Sea will close on 12th June

5th June 2023 at 12:38

As on previous years we will be holding a conference dinner in the evening during the conference week. This year that dinner will be on Thursday 29th June. Speakers will be our guests of honour and we usually have a high ratio of speakers to other guests - so this is a great chance to catch up with speakers in a relaxed environment. All this with views across the sea as the sun sets - and the food is great, too!

To prepare for this the venue's catering department needs to plan and order a couple of weeks in advance - so we will need to finalise our dinner guest list by the 12th June - that's just one week away as this post is published!

So if you haven't booked your ticket for Dinner on Sea already then please do so straight away to avoid disappointment.

Please note that we will follow-up your booking with an email to collect your choices for each course - so please make sure you are able to monitor the email address you register with.