The one day conference within a conference

27th June 2021 at 10:26

One of this year's innovations is moving the workshop days into the main programme. Traditionally workshop days have been an optional extra, tacked on to either end of a conference, mostly to take advantage of the fact that attendees have already done their travelling and got their time off, so an extra day or two is much easier than a standalone day. With online events that calculus has changed. While some have experimented with having entirely independent workshop days, others (to my knowledge, NDC Techtown 2020 and C++ on Sea 2021) are attempting to bring the value of workshops to more people by making them part of the main programme.

We have made this option the default, and been able to offer excellent value (the whole event for the same price as a one day workshop last year!) But still, that may not be the most appropriate option for all people.

So we'd like to remind people that you can still attend just the one day conference at a much lower price. This also includes the lightning talks on the evening before. That means that, together with the longer running (90ยบ) conference day, itself, you're getting 7.5 hours of content - which is approximately equal to two days of content from last year. And that's before you account for the time-shifting benefit of immediate access to the stream archives.

So, while we still think the three-days ticket, including the workshops, is the best option, remember that the one day option is there (as well as some 2 and 1.5 day options).

See the tickets page for all the options, now. There's still time - but its running short!