The 2022 Call for Speakers is now open

9th January 2022 at 21:10

We start 2022 with mixed feelings, but reasons to be optimistic about a return to some sort of normal during this year. We could still be thrown (yet) a(nother) curve ball, but the current plan is still to hold a physical, in-person, event this year.

Even assuming that is possible, we still expect there to be some disruption. Some may prefer not to, or not be able to travel. For still others the travel has always been an issue, and the last couple of years of virtual events has been a boon!

C++ on Sea will be (unless that is forced to change) an "in-person first" event. The main event will be held on-site, with all speakers expected to be on-site. We will also run a concurrent virtual event with replays of the live talks, and hopefully a few live streams - and, of course, a Discord server to tie it all together. We may also be able to accommodate a small number of remote speakers streaming in. However, the internet infrastructure at our venue is not one of its strong points and is not something we can rely on for more than this.

So we have attempted to cover all of these considerations with our shiny new Call for Speakers, which is now open, and runs to the end of 6th February 2022 (GMT).

So please head to our Call for Speakers page for more details and to submit your proposal.