Standard pricing is ending soon

18th January 2019 at 23:26

With the conference less than two weeks away tickets are still selling well - bearing out the prediction that a lot of people leave it until quite late!

What you might not know is that the standard, two-day, ticket pricing was set to end on the 21st January! After that "Last Minute" tickets can still be bought, but at a slightly higher price.

This was set-up that way early on, with so many things unknown - and an expectation that many would leave registration late - to try to encourage people to book sooner if possible.

At this point we know that sales have gone well, and some of the things that need ordering in advance have slightly better lead times than we expected.

So we're keeping the standard pricing open a bit longer - until the 28th January. After that, though, pricing will switch to the Last Minute rate - so don't delay!


The workshops are also still taking registrations. There is no standard pricing deadline, but one or two are getting close to capacity!

If you're already booked in for the main conference and you now think you'd like to stay on for a workshop, too, you can still register for it separately, too.

You can see the list of workshops here.