Speakers for C++ on Sea 2023

17th February 2023 at 18:19

We're delighted to be able to announce this year's speakers and their sessions:

Anastasia Kazakova Standard C++ toolset
Anders Schau Knatten What Happens After the Compiler
Andreas Weis Building Interfaces That Are Hard to Use Incorrectly
Andrew Marshall A tour of polymorphism techniques
Barbara Geller & Ansel Sermersheim Do we really need another Pointer Class?
Anthony Williams Designing for concurrency using message passing
Arno Schoedl The C++ rvalue lifetime disaster
Björn Fahller Most Malleable Memory Management Method
Cassio Neri Speeding Date: Implementing Fast Calendar Algorithms
Conor Hoekstra New Algorithms in C++23
Daniela Engert So, you want to use C++ Modules ... cross-platform?
Dave Rowland Lessons Learned from Optimising a High Performance Library
Dr. Allessandria Polizzi Hidden Hazards: Unique Burnout Risks in Tech
Eduardo Madrid Employing modern C++ for high performance delta-coding compression
Filipe Mulonde The Future of Programming: In-memory computation, peeking into the future with C and C++.
Hans Vredeveld CMake: A Case Study
JF Bastien *(char*)0 = 0;
Jody Hagins Polymorphism, Cohesion, and Coupling; Oh My!
Jonathan Müller C++ Features You Might Not Know
Kris van Rens Special member functions in C++
Maja Marevic Comparing libraries to parse JSON data in C++
Mateusz Pusz mp-units: Lessons learned and a new library design
Mathew Benson C++ in the developing world, why it matters
Matt Godbolt What's New in Compiler Explorer?
Ofek Shilon Everything I wish they told me about linkers
Ogunleye Pius Ayowale Modern C++ on Linux Payment Terminals, A panacea we only dream of
Rainer Grimm C++20: The Small Pearls
Roi Barkan Coroutine Intuition
Sandor Dargo Why clean code is not the norm?
Sebastian Theophil Nobody can program correctly. Lessons from 20 years of debugging C++ code.
Timur Doumler C++ and Safety
Tina Ulbrich Throwing Tools at Ranges
Tristan Brindle Iteration Revisited
Victor Ciura C++ MythBusters Strike 2
Vladimir Vishnevskii Efficient and Reliable Wrapping of C APIs Using Modern C++

These join our keynote speakers, Lisa Lippincott and Sean Parent. We're still finalising a couple more additions - including one more keynote - so watch this space! See previous post for workshops.

A full schedule with more details will follow in the near future.