Speakers for C++ on Sea 2022

22nd March 2022 at 08:39

We're delighted to be able to announce this year's speakers and their sessions:

Bryce Adelstein Lelbach C++ Standard Parallelism
Mateusz Pusz Sneak Peek: C++23
Tina Ulbrich How to rangify your code
Lukas Böger Recipes for reducing allocations by C++ containers
Mike Shah Beginners guide to C++'s best kept secret -- std::algorithm
Jonathan Coe Vocabulary types for composite class design
Marius Feilhauer Compile- and Run-Time Dependency Injection
Sebastian Theophil Windows, macOS and the Web: Lessons from cross-platform development at think-cell
Ofek Shilon OptView2: Viewing and Improving Compiler Optimizations
Peter Bindels What's in a bit - Designing, using and reverse-engineering binary file formats
Vladimir Vishnevskii Refresher on containers, algorithms and performance
Daniel Withopf Taking Static Type-safety to the Next Level: Physical Units for Matrices
Andrew Soffer How Hard Could It Be? Lessons Learned from Replacing `int64` With `int64_t`.
Greg Law Getting the most out of GDB
Roi Barkan Aliasing: Risks, Opportunities and Techniques
Pavel Novikov Understanding C++ coroutines by example (parts 1 and 2)
Björn Fahller What do you mean by "Cache Friendly"?
Arne Mertz Identifying common code smells
Kris Jusiak A Practical Guide to Loose Coupling
Arno Schoedl A Practical Approach to Error Handling
Amir Kirsh Six ways for implementing max: a walk through API design, dangling references and C++20 constraints
Sandor Dargo Strongly typed containers
Andrzej Warzynski How compilers work: introduction to LLVM passes
Hendrik Niemeyer What Has C++20 Ever Done For Templates?
Dawid Zalewski To pass and return — the story of functions, values and compilers
David Winterbottom Help, My Team Is Stuck In The 90s
Ólafur Waage Sandbox Games: Using WebAssembly and C++ to make a simple game
Jonathan Müller Coroutines: C++ vs Rust
Pete Muldoon Redesigning Legacy Systems : Keys to success
Boguslaw Cyganek Comp Sci 80/20: How to Teach Modern C++?
John McFarlane Contractual Disappointment in C++
Nicolai Josuttis Universal/Forwarding References - A Key to More Modern C++
Guy Davidson Abstraction: the true superpower of C++
Dvir Yitzchaki The Many Faces of Number ⟷ String Conversions
Christopher Di Bella Discovering a User-Facing Concept
Matus Chochlik Reflection API for modern C++
Yuri Minaev C++ puzzlers
Anthony Williams An introduction to multithreading in C++20
Walter E Brown A Medley of C++
Loïc Joly MISRA C++202x: It ain't your grandpa's MISRA any more
Victor Ciura C++ MythBusters

These join our keynote speakers, Hana, Jason and Kevlin. See previous post for workshops.

A full schedule with more details will follow in the near future.