Registration is now open! - Early Bird tickets available

6th August 2018 at 18:40

Tickets are now on sale for C++ on Sea 2019!

Right now you can buy Early Bird tickets for the whole, two-day, main conference (Monday, Tuesday), and standard price tickets for the workshop day (Wednesday) or a single conference day.

You can also buy a ticket for the Meet The Speakers dinner, which will take place at the venue on Monday evening. This three course gala dinner will be held in the main theatre and will distribute speakers around the tables before the other attendees come in to give everyone a chance to chat with the speakers. We plan to arrange additional entertainment, too.

The Early Bird prices will continue until 9th September, after which the standard conference tickets will become available.

Reviews are in progress now and the initial selections will be announced early in September, with a full schedule published a little later. This means that Early Bird tickets are purchased before the speaker list is known. I can tell you, though, that our list of submissions is not only large, but also high quality - with many of the big headline names you'd expect from an international C++ conference. In the worst case tickets can be refunded (less a small processing fee) if you decide to cancel - so you have very little to lose. But we feel sure you won't find that necessary.