New dates for the 2020 online event

13th May 2020 at 14:17

We can now announce the new dates for the online editon of C++ on Sea 2020.

The main conference will now run from 15th-17th July. Workshops will run the following week, from the 20th.

We decided to move the workshops a little further away, since we no longer have the constraints imposed by venue, accommodation and travel - but we do want to reduce the number of consecutive days people will need to spend watching online.

The workshops will also run on different days from each other - so, potentially, you could attend more than one!

The main conference is still over three days, but we're making some other changes. First it will be three tracks instead of four. Secondly we will run three time slots, plus the keynote, each day - instead of the four we had originally planned. That means the days will not be quite as long. It also means a few less speakers. We'll publish the revised list shortly.

Tickets are back on sale

Registrations are back open again, with tickets for the main conference now at £150 (£125 + VAT). There are also options for one or two days, only - see the tickets page for full details.


Workshops are now £399 (down from £450). That's not as big a reduction. It's worth explaining why.

There are actually several factors that go into this. First, most of the value of a workshop is in the content - and access to the instructor (as opposed to the main conference where a significant proportion of the value comes from the socialising, networking, and spontaneous discussions). That hasn't changed much. In fact, as more trainers are trying online training for the first time I'm hearing some reports that it is superior to in person training.

Whether that is the case likely varies, but there is a common sentiment that online training is not a "degraded experience" (see this recent episode).

Second, most of the income from workshop ticket sales goes to the instructors themselves. Our aim is to keep that at a similar level.

And, third, the per-person overhead ratio is very different from the main conference.


Student tickets are now available for just £12!

Existing ticket holders

Now we have firmed up the dates, and a few more details, we'll be contacting those who have previously purchased tickets to set out their options.

This includes the option of a full refund, of course. And if you'd like to continue with the online conference we will refund the difference in the price - plus a little more as a token of our gratitude for sticking with us through these uncertain times.

But we'll also be offering the option get this year's online conference and next year's in person event, just by keeping the original ticket.

Existing student ticket holders will get a full refund - their access this year will be free!

In all cases, dinner tickets will be refunded, of course.

... and there's more

Some of the details are still being worked out, so please make sure you check this news regularly for more updates. You can subscribe to the rss feed, or register for email updates.