Keynote speakers and early bird tickets

29th March 2021 at 08:30

We're very pleased to announce that our closing keynote will be given by Barbara Geller and Ansel Sermersheim. While both Ansel and Barbara are great individually, when they come together they have a chemistry that is very rare to pull off in public speaking. So, whether they are talking about undefined behaviour, unicode or graphics and text rendering, they are always uniquely engaging. And as the key maintainers and drivers of CopperSpice, the thoroughly modern fork of Qt, they have plenty of insights for everyone.

Early bird tickets now on sale

This year is a little unusual in many respects. While we're getting used to online events, we're also trying some different formats to make the most of the situation. With our focus, this year, on workshop content - including very accessible half-day options, we're also giving more back to our instructors. Our full ticket price is already great value compared to previous years' workshops, but this year we're also offering early bird tickets for the whole conference, including those workshops. The caveat is that these prices only run until the speaker list is published (mid May). But we're so confident that we're going to have great, worthwhile, content that we're going to waive the processing fee (which, really, is just to cover our card and ticketing overheads) on any refunds of early bird tickets requested within a month of the schedule being published.

So there really is no downside to getting your tickets cheaper now.