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4th August 2018 at 12:00

We now have a #cpponsea channel on the #Include <C++> Discord server.

You'll need an account on Discord to log in, then use this invitation to join the server.

The #Include <C++> Discord was set up to provide a safe place to talk about C++ for people of all backgrounds - but especially in recognition of those who may be more vulnerable, or often find themselves targets of non-inclusive behaviour.

For this reason not all channels are available when you first join the server. You will need to establish yourself there before access to most of the channels - including the #cpponsea channel - is granted. This may seem an unnecessary inconvenience, but if you share our commitment to making our community more inclusive, more diverse, and safer for all participants, then you will appreciate that a minor inconvenience for most of us can translate to a game changing difference for others! I hope you will support us in this.