JetBrains returns as Gold Sponsor

9th January 2020 at 16:36

We're very happy to announce that JetBrains is, once again, supporting C++ on Sea as a Gold Sponsor.

JetBrains, of course, are the makers of fine IDEs and other developer tools for many languages - with several targeting C++. In fact conference chair, Phil Nash, is also Developer Advocate for C++ tools at JetBrains!

So do check out CLion, AppCode and ReSharper C++, or their other tools.

There are also services, including TeamCity for continuous integration, and YouTrack for issue tracking - as well as the newly announced, Space for everything a development team (and beyond) could need!

JetBrains is a developer-lead company of over 1200 employees, worldwide, most of whom are, or have been, developers themselves.

Check out all the products with 30-day free trials, or free instances of TeamCity, or the other services - or just come and chat to the team during the conference.