Grey Matter for Intel join us as Gold sponsor

7th June 2022 at 14:17

We're excited to welcome yet another sponsor - actually our first Gold sponsor for 2022 - Grey Matter, who are an elite reseller for Intel.

As usual, we'll let them have a few words to explain who they are and why you might be interested:

We’re excited to be sponsoring and attending C++ on Sea with Intel. We can't wait to get out and about again in the developer community and learn about the amazing C++ projects that you are working on.

Grey Matter is a software reseller and cloud service provider focused on supporting developers and technology-led companies looking for the best platforms, tools and services. Meet your technical and commercial requirements, with the help of our certified team's quick, accurate and impartial advice.

If you’re looking for developer tools to support you throughout the development lifecycle, we have a vast catalogue of different leading and niche developer tools for you to choose from. Plus, we specialise in Microsoft, mapping solutions and cloud services.

We’ve been an Intel Software Elite Reseller for many years, enabling developers and data scientists to accelerate application performance to increase reliability and scalability.

We are sponsoring the C++ on Sea event alongside Intel. They have created a product implementation of oneAPI with the Intel oneAPI Toolkits for C++ users working on HPC, IoT, AI, Rendering and Ray Tracing. These help you efficiently build, analyse, and optimise high-performance, cross-architecture applications for Intel CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs. The Toolkits include powerful libraries and compilers, debugging and analysis tools. And with Priority Support, users benefit from dedicated support from technical engineers and access to older versions.

You can find out more about both Grey Matter and Intel on our website. There you will find blogs, videos, and other useful resources. We look forward to discussing any questions you have at the event.