Free barista coffee, thanks to Sonar

1st July 2022 at 20:32

If you're joining us next week (and if not - there's still time to buy tickets) as well as the great technical content, meeting old friends and making new, you'll also enjoy free tea, coffee and a buffet lunch.

The coffee is fine, but bulk-produced, one-size-fits-all, conference coffee will never be a match for hand prepared barista coffee.

So this year we've teamed up with Sonar, "the home of {clean code}", one of our sponsors, who are covering the cost of a free barista coffee every day of the main conference, from the café immediately upstairs from the venue (the venue all lies below street level, built into the cliffs. When you enter at street level you'll be in the café).

So when you arrive and get your conference bag, be sure to check for your three Sonar coffee tokens, as you'll need these to redeem for your free coffee in the café.

Just be mindful that if everyone hits the café at the same time the queue may become unmanageable - so try to choose different times during the day. Remember the trusty conference coffee urns will still be there to keep you going!

Don't drink coffee? Feel free to trade your tokens with someone else. That shouldn't stop you from checking out the static analysis tools that Sonar do.