Every attendee gets a free copy of "C++17 - The Complete Guide" by Nico Josuttis

24th January 2019 at 19:21

Nicolai Josuttis, one of our speakers and workshop instructors, is particularly well known as the author of the bestselling "The C++ Standard Library". As well as being a world-class trainer, he has also written several other books, and is just finishing up "C++ 17 - The Complete Guide".

We can now announce a special deal we've arranged with Nico which means we'll be giving every attendee of the conference a coupon code to obtain a free copy of the book in electronic form (current suggested price: 37.90 USD). You'll have immediate access, and continue to get updates as the book progresses to completion.

Anyone who still doubts that C++17 is a significant release need only read the table of contents!

We'd like to thank Nico for making this possible. Do check out his talk, "C++17 - The Biggest Traps" and workshop, "Modern C++ Template Programming".

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