Early bird tickets now available, with a new Option

22nd February 2024 at 11:30

We have now opened Early Bird ticket sales for the main conference. As is tradition, we run the Early Bird sales up until the speaker selection is announced - a little reward for your faith in us putting together a good programme, if you like.

Some have asked if there can be Early Bird rate for our "Complete Conference Package" tickets, which include a workshop, conference dinner and an exclusive t-shirt. It's that workshop that makes it difficult, since the actual workshops aren't known until Early Bird ends.

This is one of the reasons we are introducing a new ticket type: the Early Bird Option. I know that many of our attendees have a background in finance, but even if not you may be familiar with the idea of an option: you pay a small amount now to secure the right to buy something else at a fixed price later.

And that's what this ticket does. For a small fee now you can buy a conference ticket later, once all the details are known - including workshops - and get almost the same effective discount you would get from an Early Bird ticket now. And it can be used for The Complete Conference Package, too!

Includes access to C++ Online

There's just one more thing... if you look under your seat ...

We're also giving anyone who buys a C++ on Sea conference ticket a free ticket to our sister conference, C++ Online!

But, as I write this, C++ Online 2024 is next week. So here's how it works:

At the point you buy a C++ on Sea conference ticket (whether it's Early Bird, Standard or Complete) you become eligible for the next C++ Online. So at time of writing that's C++ Online 2024, but if you buy after next week you become eligible for C++ Online 2025.