Diversity and Support programme

19th December 2018 at 12:55

C++ on Sea is committed to inclusion and promoting greater diversity in our community. Primarily we do this by attempting to establish and advertise a welcoming and safe environment - which everybody benefits from. We take our adopted Code of Conduct seriously and will enforce it if it becomes necessary.

Because so many groups are under-represented we feel it is valuable to be more active in reaching some who might not otherwise be able to attend, so that (a) they directly benefit, (b) we all benefit, as a community, from a more diverse membership and (c) we get the word out that we truly do welcome everyone to be part of our community. Again, everbody benefits from this.

So we are pleased to be able to offer five tickets (to the main conference and meet-the-speakers dinner) at no cost, for this purpose. We're working with the #Include group who will run the selection process and who have opened a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to cover travel and accomodation expenses, too!

Please use this form to apply for tickets. Applications are open until 6th January 2019.