C++ on Sea 2023

22nd October 2022 at 17:23

As we stare down the tunnel of autumn to the winter, ahead, what better time to think about our plans for next summer?!

C++ on Sea will be back by the sea, again, for 2023. This time we'll be running in the last week of June (27th-30th). Of course we hope for another warm sunny week, as we had this year - but the British weather is as unpredictable as ever, so no guarantees.

We're back in the same venue, the quirky, but characterful Leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone. The format will be similar: one full workshop day followed by a three day conference (but this time finishing on a Friday).

A limited number of Super Early Bird tickets are available now at a larger discount. Once they are gone Early Bird tickets will remain available until the speakers are announced (or they run out) - after which tickets will be full price.

We'll soon open the call for speakers and provide more information but, for now, we'll leave you with our first two keynote speakers:

Lisa Lippincott has been bending our minds with keynotes and other talks on the mathematics that underpins our programs for many years - and has been contributing to some of the more arcane corners of the C++ standard for even longer.

Sean Parent has rotated through Apple, Adobe, Google and back to Adobe - all the while teaching us how to eschew raw loops in favour of picking the right algorithms. Sean was originally due give us a keynote in 2020, before we moved online. We're glad he's agreed to give us another try.