C++ on Sea 2020 Is Coming

12th August 2019 at 22:39

Plans are well underway for the next edition of C++ on Sea. It's going to be later in the year - so if you were worried about not hearing anything yet - that's why. While feedback from the first event was overwhelmingly positive, there were definitely some issues to resolve. We've been working hard to address as many of these as we can.

One of the issues we had was weather related. A combination of February UK temperatures and particularly windy weather that week meant that the venue's heating (it is an old, slightly drafty, building) couldn't keep up.

We can't control the weather - but we can influence our exposure to it.

As a result, next year C++ on Sea will take place, in the same venue, in June! From the 7th to the 10th specifically (with the 7th - a Sunday - being the workshops day).

The more observant will note that that means C++ on Sea 2020 will be a three day conference (plus workshops)!

Stay tuned for more details soon, including keynote speakers, the call for speakers opening, pricing and ticket sales.