Bloomberg becomes our final Gold Sponsor

15th January 2019 at 22:37

Completing our line up of four gold sponsors, I'm pleased to say that Bloomberg are now supporting us, too!

As gold sponsors they will also be exhibiting during the event, so you can meet and chat with them. And one of our speakers, Vittorio Romeo also works at Bloomberg. He'll be telling us all about "Higher-order functions and function_ref".

Everyone has heard of Bloomberg, of course - but what do they really do, and why are they involved with a C++ conference? (and why might you want to chat with them?)

In their words:

Bloomberg is building the world's most trusted information network for financial professionals. Our 5,000+ engineers are dedicated to advancing and building new systems for the Bloomberg Terminal to solve complex, real-world problems. Our priorities are speed, performance, and reliability, and our language is C++.

C++ is core to how we work. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of C++: from building low-level libraries and components and contributing to C++ standards, to building some of the most performant financial applications and trading systems in the world.