Announcing: Workshop speakers for 2020

17th January 2020 at 17:06

We will, once again, be holding a full day of workshop classes - although this year it will be before the main conference.

We have only four slots for workshops but had several multiples more than that in submissions, so it was a really hard job to make a final selection. However we believe we have a well balanced selection that should have something to appeal to everyone!

We'll add a proper schedule, with descriptions, soon, but for now the workshop speakers and titles are:

Nicolai Josuttis Move Semantics - The Complete Guide
Clare Macrae & Llewellyn Falco Testing Legacy Code effectively with Approval Tests
Klaus Iglberger Modern C++ Design Patterns
Rainer Grimm Concurrency with modern C++

We've now added separate tickets for each of these workshops, so you can sign up for them now. If you already bought the generic "one day workshop" (which we've now retired), we'll be in touch to get you transferred to one of these more specific tickets types.

The main conference speakers are almost selected. Notifications should go out within the next week and an announcement will be made shortly after that.