Welcome to our second Silver Sponsor - Undo

25th May 2022 at 09:54

We’re pleased to welcome Undo as a C++ on Sea sponsor for 2022.

But who is Undo and why are they interesting?

I’ll let them introduce themselves:

Undo is the time travel debugging company for Linux. We equip developers with the technology to understand complex code and fix bugs faster.

Developers spend far too much time figuring out what code actually does – either to find and fix bugs or to understand other people’s code. With time travel debugging, developers can see exactly what the software did, and create better software faster.

By integrating Undo’s LiveRecorder into their CI workflow, C/C++, Go, and Java software teams can easily and quickly diagnose the root causes of new regressions, legacy bugs, and flaky tests – before they hit customers.

Thousands of developers across leading technology firms including SAP, Juniper Networks, and Siemens use LiveRecorder to improve developer productivity, developer velocity, and software quality.

Want to learn more about time travel debugging? Visit their website at undo.io and come to see them at the conference!

Full 2022 schedule now available

20th May 2022 at 13:30

The full schedule for C++ on Sea 2022 is now available (although some final tweaks may still occur).

We're looking forward to a great programme, this year. As a reminder, here's a tour of some of the things happening beyond the main programme of talks:

🧑‍🏫 Workshops

Monday is our full day of workshops. This requires a separate ticket (although it is included in the "Complete Conference Package" bundle) - but still represents excellent value, as most of the ticket price goes straight to the instructor.

All of our workshop instructors are well-known world-class experts on the topics they are teaching - so don't miss this opportunity!

⚡️ Lightning talks

On Tuesday we will run an evening of lightning talks which are open to any attendee to present at. These are five minute "quick talks", which can be about anything that you think might be of interest to other attendees (within our Code of Conduct, of course).

We will start collecting proposals for lightning talks closer to the event - right up until the conference, itself.

🍱 Speakers' Dinner

On Wednesday evening we will hold our Speakers' Dinner - a gala dinner event that we will hold in the Channel Suite (the conference rooms that overlook the sea). This is why there are no talks in the suite on Wednesday afternoon - to give the staff a chance to setup for the dinner.

Most, if not all, speakers will be present at this dinner - so this is a great chance to mingle with them and catch up on questions you might have - as well mingling with other attendees, of course.

A separate ticket is required for the dinner, although, again, it is included in the "Complete Conference Package" bundle.

🚦 Pre-registration

Although the main conference kicks off on Tuesday morning we'll be open for pre-registration from Monday evening and the bar will also be open.

🕚 Time shift package

Remember that you can also take advantage of our "Time shift package" to catch up on sessions you missed live while the conference is still running. This is a small extra fee, or is included in the "Complete Conference Package".

✚ Sponsored content

As usual we have additional content, usually in the second half of the lunch breaks, provided by our sponsors. This is a chance for them let us know why they are supporting our event and what they have to offer. This ranges from some super cool tools to exciting job opportunities, so there is something for everyone.

Without our sponsors it would not be possible to run this conference, so please show your support by stopping by their booths and catching at least some of these extra sessions (these will start to appear in the schedule in the near future).

A Welcome to our Silver Sponsor, Genki

10th May 2022 at 18:20

Another new sponsor joining us is Genki. Genki's products are something I can't wait to get my hands on - quite literally!

Here's a bit more about them, in their own words:

Genki (Reykjavik, Iceland) is making technology an invisible, helpful part of our everyday experience. We use C++ across the stack to deliver delightful, innovative products, like our Wave ring, to musicians across the globe. Swing by our booth, to try it out and discuss the future of technology with us!

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