Videos are now being released

After a fantastic conference last week we're now starting to process and upload the videos to YouTube. We have a channel on YouTube you can subscribe to, or keep checking back to see the latest videos. Please do share them around!

One of the most talked about presentations from the conference - and the video widely requested - was Kate Gregory's opening Keynote: "Oh, the Humanity!" and that was in the first batch of uploads.

Our video team is working tirelessly to keep adding more videos over the few days to a week or so.

Introductory workshop added - running in parallel on Monday

We're pleased to announce that we're adding another workshop track, to be led by Tristan Brindle. But this workshop will run concurrently with the main conference on Monday - and will be an intensive introductory course for C++ beginners.

If you're coming to C++ from another language - or used to use it years ago and need a refresher - this could be just the course for you! Of course you'll be missing a big chunk of the conference on Monday (10:45 - 16:00 - so you'll still get the keynote, plenary and lighting talks) - but you'll get the whole of Tuesday, and only need a main conference ticket - no workshop ticket required. If you don't want to stay for Tuesday you can buy a one day ticket.

Tristan is the main instructor at C++ London Uni), where he has been helping beginners learn C++, weekly, for over a year.

After Monday 28th the main conference prices go up to Last Minute prices. In recognition of the fact that this workshop is being added so late, you can use the following coupon code to get standard rate prices (for both 2-day and single day admission).


However you will, then, need to attend the workshop (except the first session)!

Every attendee gets a free copy of "C++17 - The Complete Guide" by Nico Josuttis

Nicolai Josuttis, one of our speakers and workshop instructors, is particularly well known as the author of the bestselling "The C++ Standard Library". As well as being a world-class trainer, he has also written several other books, and is just finishing up "C++ 17 - The Complete Guide".

We can now announce a special deal we've arranged with Nico which means we'll be giving every attendee of the conference a coupon code to obtain a free copy of the book in electronic form (current suggested price: 37.90 USD). You'll have immediate access, and continue to get updates as the book progresses to completion.

Anyone who still doubts that C++17 is a significant release need only read the table of contents!

We'd like to thank Nico for making this possible. Do check out his talk, "C++17 - The Biggest Traps" and workshop, "Modern C++ Template Programming".

You might also like to catch Nico on a recent episode of

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