Pets, Cattle and Automatic Operations with Code

Svyatoslav Feldsherov

⏱ 60 minute session
15:30-16:30, Friday, 5th July 2024

We will talk about tools from Clang that help automate boring refactoring tasks and other routine work with the codebase.

We'll take a look at some theory behind and how to use these tools. We will look at several real tasks in the field of autorefactoring, generating configs from code, and semantic code search.

🏷 clang-transform
🏷 clang-matchers
🏷 code to config
🏷 auto refactorings

Svyatoslav Feldsherov

I'm working on telemetry instrumentation for the dataplane of Google Cloud's virtual network.

I'm enjoying any hardcore stuff in performance, networks, and operating systems. Plus, I have a true passion for large-scale production.

Previously I was leading a development of company wide micro service framework at Yandex.Search.