C++ puzzlers

Yuri Minaev

60 minute session
14:30-15:30, Thursday, 14th July 2022

If you think you know all the ways to shoot yourself in the foot in C++ - you could be wrong. Let's embark upon an exciting journey along the perilous paths of our favourite programming language. We'll see hidden traps, navigate around UB-filled pits, and see how cruel the Standard can be. Audience involvement is highly encouraged.

weird code

Yuri Minaev

Yuri is working in the PVS-Studio company as one of developers of the C++ static analyzer. His primary responsibility is to keep low-level stuff in order and add new features to the core module. He joined the team in 2018 after about 12 years of IT experience. Apart from that, he periodically gives talks at various conferences - mainly on topics related to static analysis and C++.