A Programmer's Introduction to C++ Templates

Walter E Brown

half-day workshop
15:30-19:15, Wednesday, 30th June 2021

This workshop will provide a firm foundation for programmers with little or no experience with C++ templates. Given the limited available time, we will focus on the basics of creating and using the various kinds of templates (and other templated entities) afforded by C++20.

At the same time, this workshop will plant seeds for future further exploration of this significant part of the C++ core language and library.

Walter E Brown

With broad experience in industry, academia, consulting, and research, Dr. Walter E. Brown has been a C++ programmer for 40 years.

He joined the C++ standards effort in 2000, and has since written circa 170 proposal papers. Among numerous other contributions, he is responsible for introducing such now-standard C++ library features as cbegin/cend, common_type, gcd/lcm, void_t, and <cmath>’s mathematical special functions, as well as the headers <random> and <ratio>. He has also significantly impacted such C++ core language features as alias templates, contextual conversions, variable templates, static_assert, and operator<=> (the C++20 “spaceship operator”).