Bonus content: Behind the scenes of upgrading a static analyzer to C++20

Loïc Joly

30 minute presentation
14:15-14:45, Friday, 2nd July 2021

At SonarSource, we develop static analyzers for 25+ languages, across 3 products (SonarQube, SonarCloud and SonarLint).

We have started our journey of upgrading our C++ support to C++20, and in this talk I'd like to share the steps we took, the choices we made, and a few hiccups we had.

Loïc Joly

Engineer at SonarSource, he develops automated tools for C++ static analysis.

He is one of the members of the French National Body of the ISO Standard Committee for C++.

Interested in the promotion of C++ good practices, he gives training in companies and universities and participates in the writing of security standards for embedded systems (MISRA C++).