Photo of Tristan Brindle

Tristan Brindle

Tristan Brindle is a London-based freelance C++ developer, a member of the UK C++ standard body, and a 10-year veteran of the software industry. He is the lead tutor for C++ London Uni, an organisation offering free weekly classes for C++ beginners and improvers alike.

Initial C++

Monday 10:45

Note: this workshop runs in parallel to the main conference on Day 1

C++ is everywhere — from embedded micro-controllers to supercomputers to AAA games to the web browser you’re using right now. Learning new skills is the key to staying at the top as a software developer — and as one of the most widely-used programming languages in the world, basic familiarity with C++ should be string on every professional’s bow.

Initial C++ is a half-day workshop, spread across three sessions, aimed at developers from backgrounds such as Java, C#, Swift or JavaScript looking for an introduction to modern C++. In this intensive course we’ll teach you what you need to know to get started with C++ and kick-start your learning.

We’ll cover:

  • “Hello world” in C++
  • Getting set up with a compiler and IDE
  • Function definitions and declarations
  • The C++ compilation model and header files
  • Scope-based object lifetime and value semantics
  • References and pass-by-reference
  • Introducing common standard library facilities such as std::vector, and std::string,

The format will be a mixture of slides and class exercises, with experts on hand to offer advice and feedback. All you need is a laptop, familiarity with general programming concepts and a willingness to learn!

While absolute beginners are welcome, having experience in another language, or maybe you did a bit of C++ years ago, will help you to keep up with the condensed nature of these course.