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Peter Bindels

Software engineer with a penchant for low-level solutions that allow clean high-level interfaces.

Designing for beginners: Simple graphics, a case study

Tuesday 14:45
60 minute presentation

Designing APIs and libraries for beginners is a whole new kettle of fish from designing good APIs for experienced developers, libraries for realtime systems or high-performance applications. The process of designing such a library requires focusing on those properties that are relevant and important to the level of beginners that the library is aimed for, and the examples will typically be their method of entry into using the library & learning how to develop more. In this talk I will be guiding you through the design of a simple 2D graphics library that I implemented with the main goal of allowing absolute beginners into C++ - those that don't know an if-statement from a for-loop - to get a visual and easy to use start into developing with C++.