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Hana Dusíková

Hana is working as a senior researcher in Avast Software. Her responsibility is exploring new ideas and optimizing existing ones. She also propagates modern C++ techniques and libraries in internal techtalks and gives talks at local C++ meetups.

She studied computer science at Mendel university and subsequently taught several courses there, including: Data Structures, Computability and Complexity, and Formal Languages and Automata.

Compile Time Regular Expressions

Monday 15:00
60 minute presentation

I will present a library that utilizes a feature of C++20 to build regular expressions from compile-time strings. This is a novel approach that doesn't have ordinary disadvantages of other regular expression implementations like having to use a linked library or a run-time cost of parsing and interpreting an internal finite machine.

You will see implementation details of the library and problems I have run into during its writing. In the last part of the talk, I will compare other implementations of regular expression engines and show compiled code in Compiler Explorer.