Throwing Tools at Ranges

Tina Ulbrich

60 minute session
09:15-10:15, Thursday, 29th June 2023

When talking about ranges I always get the same questions "but how about compile time? how about runtime?". So that sparked the idea of using different tools to do a deep dive into the ranges code and analyze different aspects of it. In this talk I will talk about the tools I used and the insights I got into the code. I will concentrate on runtime performance and memory usage. I will show all my findings on different examples.


Tina Ulbrich

Tina works at Rosen, a service provider in the oil and gas industry. She writes and maintains numerical and data processing algorithms for pipeline inspection data. She highly values simple, modern and clean code, using the latest language features. She promotes refactoring, high test coverage and collaboration between developers. She also teaches modern C++ in internal tech talks. Tina holds a university degree in Bio-Mathematics from the University of Applied Science in Zittau/Görlitz. She is an member of the #include Discord community.