Sponsored: How to Simulate a Low Latency Exchange

Benjamin Catterall

30 minute session
13:00-13:30, Friday, 30th June 2023

Have you ever wanted to know how to develop low latency trading strategies? This talk will go through one of the critical parts of the process: simulating the exchange. These simulations provides researchers with the ability to backtest and evaluate their strategies, helping them gain confidence in their models, better tune the parameters and ultimately select the most profitable strategies. This talk will present the concepts of creating a simulator using C++.

high frequency trading
low latency

Benjamin Catterall

I have worked for IMC, a High Frequency Trading company, for the last six years, working for the ETF, Futures and Options desks in both Strategy (Java) and low latency execution (C++) roles. I currently lead the Europe and Brazil execution teams who are responsible for developing and maintaining our low latency trading systems and exchange connectivity for those regions. I graduated from the university of Cambridge with a BA and MEng in Computer Science.