Sponsored: Automatic Caching for C++ Builds : Merging Git and the compiler

Damien Buhl

30 minute session
13:00-13:30, Thursday, 29th June 2023

We live in a world where we have an infinity of computing machines and hence of build machines available. But because transferring build artifacts is slow or difficult we waste alot of time rebuilding what was already built in another machinbe before, generating terrible costs for Continuous Integration.

Because of the C++ versatility and the platform-specificity of the build artifacts combined to ABI breaking compiler flags it is often better and simpler to build all dependencies and application code directly from source.

Building everything from source is slow though and exposes the full build complexity. Reusing someone’s build tree would be handy if it wasn’t full of absolute user specific file paths and if only we could commit the build tree to Git.

In this talk we show why and how we bound Git with C++ builds.


Damien Buhl

Damien (aka daminetreg) co-founder and CEO tipi.build is an enthusiast C++ developer. Opensource entrepreneur, CppCon Speaker, GameMaker.fr community founder, Qt for Android contributor, Boost.Fusion maintainer since 2014.