Sponsored: A Smooth Introduction to SYCL for C++20 afficionados


30 minute session
13:15-13:45, Wednesday, 28th June 2023

From HPC to mobile development, the prevalence of accelerators and other performance-driven architectures is a fact you can't argue with anymore. What if you want to tap into those source of performances but you don't really want to sacrifice the elegance of your C++20 ? What if you may want to explore some of those architectures now but change your mind later without dropping all the code you already wrote ?

That's where SYCL comes down. SYCL is a open standard aiming at providing a cross-platform programming model, tools and compilers to target accelerators at large. Made to be interoperable with C++, it is simplify the design, debugging and deployment of applications over a large selection of accelerators: multi-cores, GPGPU or even FPGA.

In this talk, we will give a short tour of SYCL saillant point, how to get started with it, how it can smoothly be integrated in your C++ code without major changes in your programming habit and we will conclude with some result of such an integration in a High ENergy Physic applications.



Joel Falcou is an assistant professor at the University Paris-Sud and researcher at the Laboratoire de Recherche d'Informatique in Orsay, France. His researches focus on studying generative programming idioms and techniques to design tools for parallel software development.

He is also the co-founder of CODE RECKONS, a French start-up focusing on C++, performances and how to teach it.