Nobody can program correctly. Lessons from 20 years of debugging C++ code.

Sebastian Theophil

60 minute session
15:15-16:15, Thursday, 29th June 2023

We like to write code but—despite our best efforts—we make mistakes. Our program will contain bugs. Sometimes, we don’t write what we mean to write, sometimes we don’t understand an aspect of our programming language and at other times we lack—or fail to consider—some critical information about our program’s system environment. As a result, our program will not behave correctly. What do we do now?

In this talk, I would like to take you through the entire debugging process, starting with a program that crashes. What do we do next? Which questions do we have to ask? What information do we need? What can we do to find the cause of the crash? Which tools can help us in this quest, and, last but not least, what can we do to make sure this bug never happens again?

Thanks to real-world examples that we have encountered—and debugged—at think-cell over the years, you will learn how to reproduce, locate, understand and fix even the most difficult bugs.

Best Practices

Sebastian Theophil

Senior Software Engineer.

Sebastian has been working at think-cell Software since its founding in 2002. In the last few years, among many other things, he has ported think-cell to run on macOS. He is also the maintainer of the typescripten project which lets programmers call JavaScript libraries from C++ code compiled to WebAssembly in a convenient and type-safe way. He enjoys leaving his desk from time to time to talk at international C++ conferences.