Hidden Hazards: Unique Burnout Risks in Tech

Dr. Allessandria Polizzi

60 minute session
15:15-16:15, Friday, 30th June 2023

A 2022 study showed that the 2/3rds of IT workers feel physically and emotionally drained. And while we know that tech is largely an intellectual and knowledge-based effort, little has been done to address these issues beyond free snacks and foosball tables.

We can do better. In fact, there are global guidelines to help.

In the WHO's recent publication of Mental Health at Work guidelines, they highlight common hazards that can accelerate burnout. Called "psychosocial hazards," these threats to psychological health have been well documented in workplace stress literature for years. Within tech, researchers have recently shown that stress and mental fatigue are compounded by things like the importance of the task, the frequency of task interruptions, and the level of developer experience, to name a few.

In this session, we will review why burnout is such a concern for business performance, the specific hazards that may be hiding in your organization, and actions you can take today to mitigate these risks.

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Dr. Allessandria Polizzi

Owner of a 2022 Workplace Wellness "Hot List" company, one of the top 10 Organizational Change Management Companies of 2022, named a top 100 HR Professional of 2020, and recently elected as the global psychological health and safety liaison for ISO, Dr. Allessandria Polizzi has 20 years of experience leading teams across multiple industries to unlock the potential in people and help organizations thrive. Following her own burnout while Chief People Officer in 2021, Dr. Al found the marketplace for practical solutions for leaders in crisis to be insufficient for her needs. She decided to reboot her consulting practice, Verdant Consulting, with a renewed focus on solving this issue in the hopes that future leaders would have better options. In addition, she has co-founded HR Wellbeing Week and Kite HR, which provide targeted programs that address the specific needs of HR teams. She also hosts the Be Verdant podcast, which shares the latest in resiliency and psychological safety from around the globe.